Flashback Friday – Luxembourg


A few weeks ago we went to Luxembourg for three nights. The flights were ridiculously cheap, it was £39 each! And for the first time ever, I did hand luggage only!

The first evening was the usual of walking around and just seeing near your hotel. I also had an awful cold and cough, so I had no energy and we didn’t explore too far.

The next day, we took a bus into the centre. We wondered around and saw a kind of look out point, so we walked over. This was good views of the Adolphe Bridge (see top picture).

Before going I had read about a hot chocolate shop that I wanted to visit, and it was in the area we was in! Its called Chocolate House by Nathalie Bonn, and it was amazing! In the shop was lots of chocolate’s, and cakes, and also a wall of chocolate spoons! The lady suggested having our hot chocolate in the shop. So you choose a spoon, took it upstairs, they offer you milk (they had everything – lacto free, soya etc.), you are then given the mug of hot milk, which you stir your chosen spoon into, with a little tub of cream and a marshmallow each. It was delicious!

2 3 4

On my list of things to do was the Casemates du Bock – these are underground tunnel’s from years ago which was built under a castle. The castle is no longer there, but the passages couldn’t be destroyed as part of the city would have been lost! So they have been kept open for visitors as a UNESCO world heritage site. It was super cold down there!



We wondered and walked all round the old part (which is also the centre), this was definitely the prettiest part. We ended up going to a supermarket on the way back to the hotel and having a chill night.

The next day, we went back to the centre and I wanted to go to the new observational lift. Pfaffenthal lift takes you down to ‘the grund’. We expected queue or something – but was quiet. So we did that, and there was nothing open on the bottom! You could walk back up the long and winding steep hill, but I refused! So used the lift back up.


We saw the statue of Grand Duchess Charlotte, we went to Notre Damn, and had more food out.

Then it was the last day, we checked out of the hotel and went back into the centre, only to discover all the shops were shut! (it was a Sunday), so we stopped outside the Grand Ducal palace so I could take a few photos. They also do tours inside, but only in the summer. So we took a slow walk (about 20 minute’s or so) to the bus garage so we could get a bus to the airport (it cost 2 euros!).


I’m going to be honest in this post… I wouldn’t recommend Luxembourg. The flight was lovely and short, 50 minutes! But the cab to the hotel was fifty two euros, just because we wasn’t in the centre of luxeumbourg city (which I hadn’t booked as wanted a cheap break). Everything was expensive, and we did most of the tourist stuff in 1 day. It was also strange that it was such a mash up of other countries, it didn’t feel like it had its own identity. There are much nicer cities in Europe with more to do.



Day out in Portsmouth!


Over the last August Bank Holiday, we decided to go to Portsmouth. We had last been about 3 years ago.

But this time, my partner wanted to visit the Historic Dockyard, I didn’t mind going as long as I got to visit Gunwharf Quays after!

We got an early start, and managed to get in to the second car park we found. Then a short walk to the Dockyard. We bought a ticket which gained entrance to all the attraction’s, and apparently lasts a year!

The first ship we saw, (pictured above) and that you can actually walk on and around was The HMS Warrior. First thing I learnt, the steps was super tiny and narrow. So difficult to walk up and down. Must have been awful if they was at sea, and there was bad weather!

I liked the way they had the ship and equipment set up so we can see what it would have been like.



We walked round most of The Dockyard (it was really big), we also went and saw The HMS Victory – which was Lord Nelson’s ship. This one was huge! You was given a headset, which you then pointed at various points, and that then gave you information. You started by walking up the stairs, and then walking round each deck, going down and down. I liked this style, as felt like you didn’t miss anything and wasn’t walking in front of people all over the place.



We also went into the specially built museum to showcase the Mary Rose. This has taken years and years to bring up from the sea bed along with anything else they could find/salvage. This was actually Henry VIII’s favourite warship.

The part of the ship that was bought up, is in a special airtight room that has a certain temperature and is constantly monitored.


We also visited a few of the museums, including a new part which was Women and the Royal Navy. That was quite interesting.

We missed the submarine part as the queue was over half hour.

We then walked to Gunwharf Quays, we headed to the front and grabbed a late lunch. We sat outside overlooking the harbour, in the sun. It felt like a holiday!

We then hit the shops! I got a shirt from Superdry, and a bundle of coconut goodness from The Body Shop, plus a coconut Toblerone to try!